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iTeraCare Wand Basic Protocol

January 10, 20242 min read

The iTeraCare Frequency Wand Basic Ten Point Protocol

How to use your iTeraCare Frequency Wand:

The ten point iTeraCare device protocol is the first protocol you need to learn and use. These ten points open up the body's meridians and get the lymph moving so that your detox pathways are open.

You can use the diagram below, or watch the video below for a detailed description of what each position is activating, based on Chinese medicine acupuncture points and meridians.

If you do not open up your detox pathways, you run the risk of detoxing your body, and backing up the toxins, which may lead to uncomfortable side effects like a healing crisis (herxheimer reaction).

Please note these suggestions on using your iTeraCare Frequency Wand (Classic, Premium or Pro):

  • It is suggested that you do this protocol for 2-3 minutes per position (approx 20 -30 minutes in total) twice daily for two weeks to get your body's lymph moving.

  • You simply point the wand at the area and move it around gently. Use the heat/speed setting that is most comfortable, being aware that heat is good for the body from a Chinese medicine perspective.

  • To charge your water, put good quality filtered water into a glass bottle or jar. Wand it for approximately 60 seconds per litre. Your water will now be charged. It is best to drink it at room temperature or with a dollop of boiled water added to warm it up.

  • The wanded water acts as a receptor for the terahertz frequency in your body - be kind to your body and drink the water- it definitely makes a difference to how fast your body can change!

  • If you have any questions, please ask your sponsor - they are paid to help you!

  • Once you have finished the protocol you can wand any other part of the body (up to two hours a day in total).

  • If you are short on time, drink the water and make sure you do palms, soles, spine and top of head (unless you have high blood pressure - leave the top of the head and do extra going down the spine.)

iTeraCare Frequency Wand - 10 Point Protocol positions

A Detailed Overview of the iTeraCare Ten Point Protocol

This video goes through each of the ten points and explains why that point is included in the protocol. It's very helpful to know what each point can activate in the body.

Got Questions?

Please ask your Sponsor (the person who introduced you to the iTeraCare Wands) - they are paid to assist you!

If you don't have a sponsor / wand yet, please go back to the person who introduced you to the wands.

If you don't have anyone to sponsor you (ie you found them yourself), you can contact us via this form and we will assist you within three business days. We are the QLD01 Australian Stockist and we can also assist you in any country due to the global stockist network.

Love your body!

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