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iTeraCare Classic 2.0 frequency wand - Queensland Stockist

iTeraCare Classic 2.0 Wand

The Classic 2.0 has 3 settings and will take longer to get a result than the other models. It is the most affordable model. It works in the same way, but takes longer for change to occur. Can be used for up to 30 minutes per session before you need to let it cool down.

iTeraCare Australia - Premium Wand - frequency device - Queensland Stockist

iTeraCare Premium Wand

The Premium device is smaller, lighter and quieter than the Classic. It is a studier build and works faster than the Classic. It has 2 fan/heat settings and comes in a well-padded protective case. It's easier to wand your back by yourself with this model! Great for travel too!

iTeraCare Pro frequency wand - for clinics & professional use - Queensland Stockist

iTeraCare Pro Wand

The iTeraCare Pro wand is built for continuous use (eg in client based settings, at events or in larger families). It has 6 settings and requires around 50% less time to create similiar results as a Classic. It comes in a well-padded, hard protective case with locks on the outside.

iTeraCare Bio

The iTera Bio is a frequency foot spa that supports the whole body at a cellular level while you rest. The best news? It's waterless!

The Bio creates terahertz frequencies and includes 10 heat levels and an ioniser. These technologies activate and enhance the body's capacity to clear blockages, enhance circulation, remove waste, detoxify the intestines, firm the skin, and promote improved metabolism.

Prife Intl - 7 Wonders Water Bottle - portable mineralised hydrogen water - Queensland Stockist

7 Wonders Water Bottle

7 Wonders makes it easy to have high quality water wherever you are! Simply pour purified water into the bottle, leave for 3 minutes and it's ready to drink!

What are the 7 Wonders?

* Increases dissolved hydrogen in water.
* Negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) reading.

* Alkaline, Antioxidant & Anti-bacterial.

* Reduces molecular size of water.

* Mineralises the water.



This tiny gorgeous pendant creates a negative ion shield around you, ensuring that germs, viruses and other disruptive energies stay away. It's like being bathed in a forest near a waterfall all day!

The IonShield promotes blood circulation, improves the respiratory system and neutralises free radicals, helps you sleep well and purifies the air around you. It's anti-viral and anti-bacterial.

You can wear the pendant for up to 9 hours without needing a recharge and it will last up to 10 years.

Which Wand Is Right For Me?

We get it ... three frequency devices, how do you choose between the iTeraCare Pro, Premium & Classic?

iTeraCare Australia - New Products - Queensland stockist

Which iTeraCare Foot Spa is best for you?

The new Bio-Lite makes full body wellbeing a reality for everyone. Check out the differences between the iTera Bio & iTera Bio-Lite!

iTeraCare Device Orders

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THZ Wellbeing is a Prife International Authorised Stockist for AUSTRALIA for the full iTeraCare product suite:
  • iTeraCare frequency devices: Classic 2.0, Premium & Pro

  • 7 Wonders Hydrogen Water Bottles

  • iTera Bio & Bio Lite - Frequency Foot Spa

  • IONShield Pendant - Personal Protection Device

  • EMF shields and Renew Patches ~ by Nature's Frequencies

  • Coming Soon: iTeraCare Premium Plus wand + OxyTap Oxygen Water

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