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Prife / iTeraCare Introduction:

Prife International is the company that owns the iTeraCare brand globally. Prife have official Stockists in many countries who take care of shipping the product once a Distributor / Sponsor has placed an order. To become a Distributor / Sponsor you must purchase a product at the Silver / Gold or Diamond level. The minimum entry level for a business account equates to purchase of a Classic wand. Your Sponsor can explain more.

If you don't have anyone who introduced you to the wands, you can contact us (THZ Wellbeing - iTeraCare Queensland stockist) to make an order request or ask for more information. If you have someone who told you about the wands, you should ask them to sponsor you. If you desire to create a business (the compensation plan is generous!) then make sure you sign up under someone who both knows the business and is willing to support you in learning how it all works.

The pricing of the products differs from country to country due to import duties, shipping costs and taxation requirements. Please check the pricing for the country you are ordering for. In most locations the Stockists include free shipping (we do!) Please be aware shipping is charged for Bonus Redemption Orders as Prife does not pay Stockist costs to import and send these orders out.

To place an order, register your warranty or upgrade your business account, you need to log-in to your back office at You will only have a business account if your Sponsor created it that way for you - your Sponsor should always ask if you intend to create a business or not before your order is placed. Your Sponsor should also supply you with your log-in details.

If you have received an iTeraCare wand or other Prife product as part of a promotion (and your order was the promotional element) you will not have a business account and you will need to ask the person you co-ordered with to register your warranty or sort out any warranty issues.

If you have purchased an iTeraCare device directly from a Distributor and they have used their Bonus Redemption Product to fulfil your order, you will not have a business account and all enquiries re that product should be directed to the Distributor to address on your behalf.

Your Distributor / Sponsor is always your first port of call for questions and advice on using your products.

The Stockists core role is to despatch your product as quickly as possible.

Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

Please note that detailed 'business how to' information is available via our Portal and as a community service we offer regular Q&A calls for people who have already purchased product - join the Portal to be notified of upcoming events. You can also check our Blog & the Podcast for more conversational / in-depth insights on self-healing choices and these products.

All of these support choices have been created by the QLD01 team and have taken enormous resources to create. We do not get paid for this kind of support so please be respectful in your interactions and thoughtful in what you expect!

Please also note that our office hours are 9.30am - 5pm AEST Monday - Friday and we do not work weekends and public holidays in most cases.


How long do orders take to be delivered?

We ship express post, next business day. If stock is available, you will receive your order within 2-7 days in most cases.

We do our best to be in stock of all products at all times, and there are some circumstances that are beyond our control. If your desired product is out of stock there may be up to a 3-4 week delay, depending on the circumstances. We share all stock updates on the HOME page and on our Telegram channel.

Will I be notified when my order is received or despatched?

Please see the 'Track Your Order' page for details.

You can check if your order has been received by going to NAVIGATE / PRODUCT ORDER REPORT - if there is a Delivery Order (DO) number, we have received your order.

Once your order is despatched you can see the Australia Post tracking number in NAVIGATE / PRODUCT DETAIL.

Australia Post will email you with tracking details within a day or two of us despatching your order.

Can you deliver orders from another stockist?

In short, no! As much as we would love for you to have your wand on the way to you… we can only deliver if you have ordered from us.

Our stockist ID is QLD01.

You can check your Delivery Order PDF via NAVIGATE / PRODUCT ORDER REPORT and you will see the stockist ID code listed there.

Is shipping included?

Shipping is included for all normal product orders. We send next business day for all products in stock. Shipping is via Express Post and is free within Australia.

iTeraCarePros & Bios are sent with insurance and tracking.

If you require insurance or tracking on other products, please let us know as soon as you finalise your order. Extra fees may apply.

Please note if you have made a Bonus Redemption Order then there are extra fees to cover importing & shipping as Prife does not pay stockists for shipping of BRO product.

Please be aware that we have 220v wands and cannot send wands to the USA as they use 110v.

Can I collect my order from you today?

Due to the Prife Order Cancellation Policy (which allows people to cancel up until midnight Malaysian time on the day of purchase), we can only sell to you on the same day if you pay cash or payment is received in our bank account.

If the transaction has gone through the system via your sponsor, unfortunately we cannot give you the product until the following day, once the order has been finalised overnight.

This can be inconvenient, but sadly we don't have control over this timing. We are shipping orders next business day once we receive your order.

We are located in Tewantin - please email us to arrange in person pick-up. We require at least 24 hours notice in most cases and pickups are available M-F during business hours.

Can I arrange delivery insurance on my order?

Yes you can. Please get in touch via our contact us page and we can get a quote for you based on your exact location.

Classics are usually around $11.00 AUD. If you request delivery insurance you are responsible for payment of that.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Yes! As long as Australia Post recognises the address in their system, we can ship to it.


Do you offer support on using the iTeraCare products?

Your first point of contact for questions should always be your sponsor.

We have a community portal which covers some basics in the free ‘how to use your wand’ course. You are welcome to join the portal free via

We are not able to provide individual support for healthcare questions as these are not medical devices and we do not provide medical advice.

Please check with your healthcare support team for anything specific.

You can also see this blog post for the basic wanding protocol.

Do you offer marketing support?

FESTIVALS & EVENTS…We have stands at the Mind Body Spirit Festivals in Brisbane & Sydney. We invite both financial partners and volunteers to play, by application.

Financial partners may sell their own bonus redemption stock and are expected to contribute to the logistics involved in setting up/packing down and running the stand. We have a strong system in place to follow.

Volunteers come for just a few hours to learn more about the business and how to share information on the products. Volunteers are not permitted to sell their personal stock.

We bring additional stock so that all customers can have their choices fulfilled.

If you are interested in being part of these events, please email Lisa Murray at with your contact details, your location and any questions.

Please also indicate whether you prefer to be a financial partner or a volunteer. Lisa will send you some information on how it all works.


There will be an event kit available for purchase, so that you can run your iTeraCare events professionally. It will include signage options (editable in Canva), checklists, supplier lists etc.


We are currently working with a small leadership team to create a presentation you can share. Watch this space!!

Prife Int'l does not currently offer personal sales links for Independent Business Owners. We can offer these if you are selling 5 or more wands per month in Australia. This link enables orders via the QLD01 stockist ONLY. You will need a different link from other stockists to order in other countries. Not all stockists offer personal links.

We set them up manually for each person - allow 5-7 working days. To order your personal link, email with your name, email, phone, UserName

(Available from February 2024 onwards)

Do you offer business building support?

Your first point of call for business questions and 'how to order' questions is always your sponsor as they are paid to support you.

You are also welcome to join our iTeraCare community portal at

All systems and processes for sharing the iTeraCare products are offered there and we have a regular call (see the events section) where you can ask questions.

Please do not contact us personally for 1-1 business support unless you are in our team. We simply don't have the resources to offer 1-1 training to the world!

Can I try the iTeraCare products before I buy?


You’re welcome to come and visit us in Tewantin (Sunshine Coast, Australia).

Our product collection / wand trial hours are Tuesdays 10-12, Thursdays 3-6 and Saturdays 10-12 - by specific arrangement only. Please use the contact us form on this website to organise a suitable time.

If you’re not near Tewantin, we have a Facebook Pay It Forward Group where you may be able to organise a product trial by requesting a session in your area:


How can I order from you?

Your Sponsor should assist you in learning the ordering process.

To make it easier for everyone, we have detailed the processes for ordering from us (QLD01 Stockist).

If you don't have a sponsor (ie you found these products by yourself), you can make an order request here.

Please visit our ‘Ordering’ section for detailed instructions:

  • Making Payments

  • The REGISTER ordering process

  • The REGISTER VIA PIN ordering process

  • Tracking your order

  • Registering your warranty once your product arrives

Can I pay you directly in AUD?

Yes! When you pay us directly in AUD, we allocate you a PIN so that you can redeem your stock. Pins are like a 'ticket' to buy a product and allow you to purchase via your Sponsor, rather than directly with a stockist.

For details, see the PAYMENTS page and the ORDERING page.


Account holder: Thz Wellbeing

BSB code: 802-985

Account number: 519012047


Include name and product in payment details.

Please ALSO send the following info via email to :

1. Screenshot showing payment receipt/transaction number, name and amount (not from your phone, it comes up blurry!)

2. USERNAME ID and name of person where the pin is to be transferred (so the sponsor can complete the order).

3. Product to be ordered. (We have separate PINS for each product)

We will do our best to transfer the PIN to you asap during business hours, 9.30am - 5pm Monday to Friday AEST, excluding public holidays.

Can I redeem Bonus Redemption Orders through you?

Yes! We prioritise clients who order paid products via the Australia / QLD stockist.

Bonus product redemption stock is not always available - any limits are listed in our stock updates on the home page and on our stock updates on our Telegram channel.

Please ensure you pay bonus redemption shipping costs at the time of order to enable fast delivery. Details are available on the PAYMENTS page.

Bonus redemption orders are not shipped until shipping payment is received. These are all PER ITEM COSTS (irrespective of how many items are shipped together), unless noted otherwise.

If you desire to COLLECT from us in Tewantin (QLD Sunshine Coast), please click COLLECT instead of Courier when you place your order.

Can I upgrade my account using Bonus Redemption Wallet?

No, this is not possible as your Bonus Redemption wallet is for product redemption only.

For more detailed information on how to use your wallets and upgrading your account see the following resources:

  1. Upgrade your account

  1. Join our free Training Portal and see the Finance & Income Course re wallets.

Can I order these products via my NDIS support?

This is possible, depending on your circumstances. If NDIS has agreed to the purchase, simply send us an email with your name and address and any specifics re the paperwork you need. This applies to pre-order receipts / quotes as well. Email the information to:

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

All of the iTeraCare frequency devices are sold via a network of Independent Business Owners (IBO). To receive commissions on your sales you will need to sign up as an IBO / distributor. You are then responsible for supporting the people that you sell to, as in the process, you become their sponsor.

Wholesale pricing is not available except via the above process. Please ask the person who told you about the iTeraCare devices for more information. If you found them by yourself, we can assist you to order - just complete the form here:

The Prife IBO commission structure is explained in this video: (Current as at Aug 2023)


Warranty Claims

If your device is faulty, please contact the stockist you purchased the product from.

You can see who your stockist is by looking at your purchase order in your back office (NAVIGATE / PRODUCT ORDER REPORT) - the stockist ID is listed at the bottom of the right column.

If we (ie QLD01) are your stockist… Please follow the instructions for making a warranty claim at

What happens if the crystal tube in my wand gets broken?

Replacement tubes are available for $120AUD and can be sent to you with instructions for replacement. Please contact us via our Contact page for further assistance.

Please note the warranty does not cover accidental breakage after delivery (as with any purchase).

Please DO NOT use your wand if the crystal tube is broken - the crystal tube contributes to creating the terahertz frequency.

It's important to take care of your wand and not leave it where it can be knocked or dropped. Some people like to order a rubber handle from Amazon to make it less likely that an accident will occur.


Help, I can't login to my Prife account?

The login link is You use your UserName that you chose and your password. There is a password reset button on that page if required.

When your account was created an email was automatically sent with your randomly generated password and security password. You can change these by logging in and going to the bottom menu > Settings > Edit Password or Edit Security Password.

Passwords must be 6-8 characters (no more or less!) and include 1 uppercase letter, numbers & special characters.

Help, I can't login to your Training Portal


Go to and click on the login button. This will take you to the courses that you have enrolled in.


Go to and choose which course/s you wish to enrol in. Click the link and follow the instructions. You will receive an email with your course login information.

How can I use my Australian wand / device overseas?

You will need to check the type of power each country has.

Australia uses 240v power, so the USA 110v power points will not power your wand. For use in the USA you need a Step Up / Step Down converter. Simply using a travel adaptor may damage your wand. At the very least, it won't work well.

A travel adaptor works well for most EU / UK countries. If there is a 240v power system in place a travel adaptor should be all you need.

THZ Wellbeing is a Prife International Authorised Stockist for AUSTRALIA for the full iTeraCare product suite:
  • iTeraCare frequency wands: Classic 2.0, Premium & Pro

  • 7 Wonders Hydrogen Water Bottles

  • iTera Bio - Frequency Foot Spa

  • IONShield Pendant - Personal Protection Device

iTeraCare Device Orders

To order, please contact the person who introduced you to these frequency wands or devices.

If you found these frequency devices by yourself or via search engine, you can make an order request here and we will contact you within one business day.

Useful Resources


Orders can be collected from Tewantin, Sunshine Coast, Australia. To 'try' before you buy' you can visit us during these times.

Please EMAIL US first to confirm a time





Please access our FREE Community Portal if you have questions about personal use or building your Prife International distributor business.




IMPORTANT: These are NOT medical devices and nothing on this website or associated sites is personal or medical advice.

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