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Which iTeraCare wand is best for you?

May 02, 20236 min read

“YOUR favourite iTeraCare terahertz frequency wand is the one that works best for YOU” - Lisa Murray

Comparing the iTeraCare Frequency Devices:

You know you want an iTeraCare terahertz wand, but you're not sure which model will best suit your needs? Here's a deep dive into what makes each of the models a great choice.

Spoiler alert: they ALL work to activate self-healing in the body. It's a question of how quickly, quietly and intensely you prefer your wanding sessions!

Not sure which wand is which?

The Classic 2.0 is the red wand in the left of the image below.

The Premium is the small grey wand in the middle.

The Pro is the large silver & black wand to the right.

iTeraCare Classic, Premium & Pro Comparision - which one should you choose?

Here's more information on each of the iTeraCare wands:

1. The Prife iTeraCare CLASSIC Wand

The Classic 2.0 wand was created as the most affordable way for every household to have one. It is just as effective as the other two terahertz wand devices, however it is not as sturdy and takes a little longer to get the same results than the other two wands do. It is also noisier than the Premium and longer, so not as easy to do your own back or use it as a hairdryer!

The Classic does not have an inbuilt fan and will need to be turned off to cool down after 35 mins of use. It has 3 settings, but no cold setting:

1: Low Heat, Low Air

2. Low Heat, High Air

3. High Heat, High Air. 

The Classic has a TeraHertz frequency penetration of up to 18cm.

2. The Prife iTeraCare PREMIUM Wand

The iTeraCare Premium device is the 5th Generation mid-level offering with all of the technology included. It is built more robustly than the Classic and is very light compared to the Pro. The Premium is also quieter and more powerful than the Classic. 

The Premium has 2 settings:  low heat/fan and high heat/fan (no cold setting).

Ultimately the iTeraCare Premium blows more gently and has more heat than the Classic. The Premium has a TeraHertz frequency penetration of up to 22cm. 

The Premium can blow for up to an hour before it needs to cool down.

It is lighter and physically shorter than the Classic and easier to wield, which makes it a great hairdryer, as well as making it easier to do your own spine. The Premium comes in a well-padded protective case with locks on the outside.

It’s great for travel and also a great clinic alternative if you haven’t yet got funds for the Pro.

P.S. I've also been told that using the Premium cuts down the time you need to do each area by around 30% (to get the same change as the Classic).

3. The Prife iTeraCare PRO Wand

The iTeraCare PRO device was the original model. It is much more robust than the other two wands. It can be used for up to two hours non stop and is great for extensive use in clinics, large families, at events etc. 

It is vastly more powerful and requires around 50% less time for treatments than the Classic - ie change generally appears much faster!

It has a softer (but not quieter) sound than the Classic for those who are pitch sensitive and comes with 6 settings (speed & heat), giving the user many more options. The Pro includes a cold setting and the terahertz frequency penetrates up to 26cm.

It is the largest and heaviest model and comes with a hard protective, well-padded case with a programmable lock.

All three Prife terahertz frequency wands:

  • Can be used to create structured water (again, the Pro will do this much faster than the Classic or Premium)

  • Can be safely used on people, animals, plants, bodies of water etc.

  • Contain the 3 core technologies and blow a terahertz frequency.

Still undecided? You could get one of each ;) Or, if that's not going to work, ask your Sponsor (the person who introduced you to the wands) if they know where you can try out the different wands. You can also make a request to try a particular wand via our Pay It Forward group on Facebook. Just make sure you include your location and which type of wand you are seeking!

Some Stockists offer product demonstrations. We (Queensland) do can arrange for you to try the different wands if you are on the Sunshine Coast or travelling this way. Alternatively you can visit us at any of our upcoming events.

Are you interested in building a Prife Independent Distributor business?

There's more to consider!

These products are available via a network marketing system operated by Prife International. A generous compensation plan is offered for people who choose to build a business. (And there's NO pressure to do so!! Purchasing only for personal use is also 100% welcome!)

If you are serious about business building, it's wise to discuss with your Sponsor the benefits of signing up at each of the different levels. Unlike other direct selling companies, there are no minimum volumes to meet; you simply 'buy' your business account at the level you desire to operate at. Commissions increase as you move from Silver to Gold and Diamond levels.

You can always upgrade your account later, but you will need to pay the full price of the level you are upgrading to (your initial purchase is not credited against your upgrade.)

The following pricing applies for Australian accounts (as at 1 May 2023):

  • Silver level: $420 USD - Buy an iTeraCare Classic 2.0, an IONShield, a 7 Wonders Hydrogen Water Bottle or 4 x 7 Wonders Cartridges.

  • Gold level: $1260 USD - Buy an iTeraCare Premium or any three of the Silver level products.

  • Diamond level: $4200 USD - Buy an iTeraCare Pro wand or any ten of the Silver level products. You can alternatively purchase an iTeraBio frequency foot spa for $4500 USD at the Diamond level.


Your Sponsor is responsible for supporting you on your wand journey and places your order via an Official Prife Authorised Stockist. Be aware - there are fake wands out there that do not work with the genuine terahertz frequency!

If you found the wands by yourself and don't have a sponsor, you can make an order request here and we will contact you to see if we can assist.

If your Sponsor orders via the Queensland Stockist (QLD01 - that's us!) we offer regular Q&A calls and stock updates. We have a free community portal with lots of information and we invite members to co-create with us for events across Australia. In short, we love these wands and we do whatever we can to make it easier for you to build a business!

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Lisa Murray

Hi! I'm part of the Stockist team for Queensland, Australia. You can order from us using QLD01 for the Stockist ID. My current favourite thing the wands have changed for me is improving my sleep. Pure gold!!

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